Below is a load of short articles following my 6 month journey of anonymously offering my time for free to those that need it. Both through what I’m learning and what I’m being asked to do, I’ve also decided to add some more categories to cover the amazing things you and others do. If you’ve any feedback, requests or musings you’d like to share with me or on this site then please just email me at

TheFreeHelpGuy x

Here's a collection of things in this world that I believe are truly inspiring. Over time, there'll be a collection of posts about people, organisations and stories that have something about them worth knowing about. If you've something inspiring you want to share then email it over and I'll put it up here for others to see.
Every now and again I run competitions to promote the principles on which my mission of helping others are founded. It's also an excuse to hand out a prize or two.
The Good Deed Feed is just that really. I place where I share the stories of those of you who have done or are doing good deeds. Whether you're looking to inspire others, raise awareness about a cause or issue or simply looking to be proud of what you've done, just email me the details and I'll throw it up here.
So here’s how it is. I have a 6 month gap between jobs and I’ve decided to spend that time trying to make other’s better, easier, happier and more fulfilled. All I have to give is a bit of time and a whole heap of hard work both of which are to be offered for free to help and support worthy people and their causes. Anyone can request this help although I try to make it clear that those more morally deserved, fun, interesting and different are likely to get precedence over the norm. Now this right here are the posts documenting that journey.
We are, without doubt, so much more able to achieve when we work together. With one in every four or five emails I receiving being ones asking to help rather than be helped, I thought I'd be silly to not try and use your goodwill to make a different. Listed below are therefore some of the projects and pleas I need your help with.
Here's some things I think you may find useful. If not useful now then maybe at some stage in the future. Or, maybe never. In fact, some things here will definitely not be useful. Have something useful to say? Just email and I'll look to share it here.

A #HelpMob – all you need to know

What are they? #HELPMOB’s are a public gathering of complete strangers who descend upon one or more people who need some help…. without them knowing. Here’s the first one we did. Where are they? At the moment they’re around and about the city London, UK. When are they? Generally the first saturday of every month. […]

The #HelpMob and #TeamMargot

As you may know – I help. Or, try to at least. In doing so, many of you have reached out to me to see if you too can ‘help’ in some way which makes me damn happy.  Finding ways for you to do exactly this has therefore become an added focus of mine – […]

Project 21 – Can you help find Charlie the Monkey?

A few weeks before Christmas I heard from lady called Roxie. Roxie has a 2 year old son, Franklyn. Franklyn, so I learnt, had himself a best friend toy monkey called Charlie. All seemed well and good. But it wasn’t. Charlie the monkey had been lost on Portobello road after being dropped from Franklyn’s pram […]

Campaign 3 – The 2014 #TheResolutionRevolution

Good morning and merry belated Christmas, I feel all dizzy. Partly, perhaps, because of the kilo of turkey I helped myself to yesterday or maybe due to the trauma at being forced into a hideous christmas jumper for much of the day, but I think the reality is that next week we’ll see the year […]

Campaign No.2 – #SmileBomb (November)

Hello Free Help People! So! Our first campaign is now done and dusted! October has been a great month and we managed to raise an amazing £7,102 with the help of Josie Easton and her amazing fingerprinting talents. This has meant 710 sight saving operations have been paid for by you and that that many […]

Campaign No 1 – An Eye For An Eye (October)

Throughout October I ran the first proper campaign aimed at working with you guys to solve a small part of a horrible problem. Across the world, hundreds of thousands suffer from Trachoma, an eye disease that leads to blindness if left untreated. With only a £10 small operation needed, this particular case of loss of […]

About My Mission

  So here’s how it is. I have a 6 month gap between jobs and I’ve decided to spend that time trying to make other’s better, easier, happier and more fulfilled. All I have to give is a bit of time and a whole heap of hard work both of which are to be offered […]

TheFreeHelpPeople – What’s it all about?

  Over the past few month’s I’ve received more and more emails from people asking if they can help, rather than be helped. Not only does this give me a warm fuzzy feeling, but it also poses an opportunity. What is you and I could work together? Practically speaking this as an approach is useful. […]

Project 20 – Can you help me find the owner of this memory card?

I’d seen a few success stories in various papers over the past year of two, involving one well meaning discoverer of a presumed lost memory card, a load of people online determined to find it’s owner and eventually the owner him/herself, looking gleeful in possession of what was once lost. So when I got a […]

Project 19 – Can you find my father, Frank Morley Renton?

Some of you may have noticed that I’ve a similar request underway already in the form of “Project 9 – Can you find my father, Dave McGill”. Dave remains illusive, as I can only assume does the hope his son, Darren, has of my promised helpfulness. It’s breaking me not having found anything other than […]